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How to use gas safety

Gas is widely used in our life It makes our life more conveniently but we must pay attention to it's dangerous ,Today I would like to share some information of how to use gas safety .

When using gas (users of pipeline gas, liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied petroleum gas cylinders), the following must be taken into account:
1, pay attention to the use of gas pipeline facilities
Gas pipes, gas meters, stoves, water heaters can not be installed in the bedroom, the gas meter can not be installed in the toilet, bathroom. If you need to change the housing structure, gas pipeline facilities related to the change, please apply to the gas company, by the professionals for your door design, construction.
2, the use of the process to pay attention: Do not use in the case of unattended gas appliances. Soup, porridge, milk, pasta and other cooking easy to overflow, be sure to take care, so as not to spill out the soup water leaching fire, resulting in gas leaks.
3, the end of the gas should pay attention to: train "people take the fire away," a good habit, the use of finished, before going to sleep, go out should check whether the gas is closed. Off gas is shut down gas appliance switch, plug valve, ball valve, usually should close the plug valve, gas appliance switch. If you are away from home for a long time, should contact the gas company, cut off the gas source.
4, the use of gas hose attention
A, regular inspection and cleaning hose, found that aging, cracking, scorching, rodents bite marks, should be replaced immediately.
B, gas hose length, not more than 2 meters.
C, the hose should not be near the furnace surface, so as not to be flame barbecue.
D, do not cross the wall, doors and windows.
E, do not pressure, fold hose, so as to avoid congestion, affecting the continuous gas supply.
F, hose and gas appliance, pipe interface, please use the tube clamp, to prevent leakage off.
5, the installation of gas alarm
For your family happiness, please install the use of gas alarm.
Installation of gas alarm, which is very important for the safe use of gas. According to the manual installation is extremely simple, its role is extremely important.
6, pay attention to maintaining air circulation
When the pipeline gas is completely burned, the amount of air to be consumed is more than 4 times of that of the gas. The ventilation of the kitchen and the gas appliance should be well ventilated.
7, Do not use two air sources at the same time
The same indoor use of pipeline gas, bottled liquefied petroleum gas, easily lead to confusion caused by gas accidents.
8, do not fight when the fire to pay attention
If you can not hit the fire three times, should pause for a while to determine the gas dissipated, and then re-ignition. Because the gas appliance has not been on fire, but the gas has been released several times, the face of fire is very explosive. The use of water heaters pay particular attention to this problem.
9, such as family bath time is too long, should take the initiative to shoot the door greeting, just in case.
10, home gas leak how to do?
A, easy to leak places: hose, interface, gas meter, plug valve, ball valve.
B, when a suspected gas leak, you can use the following simple method to leak:
① soap liquid leak. Optional soap, detergent, detergent, one of the three, made of soap and water, applied to the gas appliance, hose, plug valves, gas meters, ball valves, especially the interface, the bubble is a muster site .
② seeing, ears, hands touch, sniff with leaks.
(Note: do not use open flames leak.)
C, gas leakage emergency measures
Stay calm and take the following steps:
① Immediately turn off the gas appliance switch, plug valve, ball valve
② Do not move electrical appliances: open and close any electrical appliances, such as electric lamps, fans, exhaust fans, range hoods, air conditioning, gates, wired and wireless phones, doorbells, refrigerators, etc., may have a small spark, causing an explosion.
③ evacuation personnel: rapid evacuation of family members, neighbors, to prevent unrelated personnel close.
④ open the doors and windows: Let the air flow, so that the distribution of gas.

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