Pilot Burner for Gas Water Heater

Pilot Burner for Gas Water Heater

Model NO.:SMT-DSQ001A

Material:Metal (brass/stainless steel/steel) Flame hoods:One or Two or Three Certification:CE/EU

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Product Description

Name :Pilot Burner for Gas Water Heater
Application country: Europe, North America


Material : Metal (brass/stainless steel/steel/other)

Gas source :NG/LPG

Application :Gas heater, gas water heater, gas grill, gas stove, gas cooker

Flame hoods :ne or Two or Three

Nozzle orifice : 0.15-0.6mm

Feature : Eco-friendly

Applicable gas families:LPG/propane/butane

Working principle

ODS use thermocouple component as a sensor to search the temperature of pilot flame in order to drive the electromagnetic valve,when the space is hypoxia(O-17%~19%),the flame temperature is under 400°C,there is not enough potential to open the valve ,so then the valve will be closed to keep safe .

Main function

To ignite the main burner without deflagration, to stabilize the flame of main burner, to detect  flame normality , and to reignite or cut off the energy source when the flame is put out by external factors.


This burner is specially designed for safetyignition of high-power burner. It is widely used in barbecue grill, fryer, gas oven, patio heaters, gas cookers, oven, outdoor, volumetric gas water heaters and remove protection device.

Advantage :

1.Pilot burner can ignite the main burner without deflagration.

2.Pilot burner can  stabilize the flame of main burner.

3.Pilot burner can  detect  flame normality.

4.Pilot burner can  reignite or cut off the energy source when the flame is put out by external factors.

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