Universal Thermocoupe for Oven

Universal Thermocoupe for Oven

Model NO.:SMT-SP035

Length: Customized Nut: M8*1

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Product Description
  • Productname:Universal Thermocoupe for Oven

    Material : Copper


    Application country: All


    Applicable gas families:LPG/propane/butane

    Technical Characteristics

    1. Type of connection to magnet unit: Nut, Coaxial, Faston

    2. Lengths: 170-1850mm

    3. Maximum temperature (head): Depending on the head type, up to 700°C maximum.

    4. E.M.F. in open circult: ≥30mV(Normal) ≥16mv(Fast action)

    5. Inner resistance: 8.5+0.22*L(mΩ)

    Material : Cooper(thermocouple head:80%Ni,20%Cr) Cable-Silicone, Cooper, Teflon

    Tip : M8x1,M9x1,M10x1,11/32-32,4.8x0.5,6.3x0.8

    Voltage : Potential Voltage:≥30mv Work with the electromagnetic valve:≥12mv

    We can design and manufacture as per customers’ requirements. Feel free contact us for any specific requirements, also for pictures, drawings and samples of our products. We will try our best to meet your requirements.

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