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High Voltage Ignition

High-voltage ignition devices is one of the core electronic parts on the burner. Although the prices burner only small part of the total price, but it has an important fuel to ignite. Failure of high voltage ignition devices, light the burner cannot work, the impact of production; it may be causing a boiler explosion. Especially when high-voltage ignition when the appliance is not a complete failure, fuel has been sprayed one furnace, flameout protection device is not action, high voltage ignition unit all of a sudden the ignition would have very serious consequences. Thus the importance of high voltage ignition devices.

High-voltage ignition device generally consists of rectifier circuits, oscillators, pressure parts and the discharge electrodes. Rectifier circuit 220 V/50 Hz AC rectifier, filter, change to DC; role is based on the frequency of the oscillation circuit, AC DC oscillation; The AC booster after booster parts will oscillate. to achieve the ionized air high voltage and high voltage pulsed current using high voltage silicon stack formation; Electrodes are made of special materials, placed on fuel exports.