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Natural Gas Appliance Connectors
Natural gas appliance connectors are corrugated metal tubes that transport natural gas from your house piping to your appliances such as stoves, dryers, and sometimes, water heaters.

Today’s connectors are made from stainless steel, coated or uncoated. Most older connectors, however, were made from coated or uncoated brass and are susceptible to cracking, breaking and deteriorating due to moving, bending, and corroding. Over time, the older, coated or uncoated brass models may come apart and cause serious safety issues.

These older connectors have a serious flaw in how they were made. The tubing was not properly affixed to the end pieces, resulting in some end pieces separating from the tubing and causing natural gas leaks which can result in explosions or fires. The connectors have not been made in more than 30 years, but some may still be in use.

For your safety, we recommend that you contact a qualified HVAC or plumbing professional immediately to inspect and replace any coated or uncoated brass connectors. Do not attempt to move or inspect natural gas appliances on your own. Moving an appliance even slightly could result in the connector failing and causing a dangerous situation.

Connector lifespan
Even if you know your appliance connectors are not made from coated or uncoated brass, you should replace them every 10 years. Connectors can become weak from too much moving, bending or corrosion. We recommend you contact a qualified HVAC or plumbing professional to replace your appliance connectors.