pilot flame

pilot flame

Model NO.:ESOD-001

General Performance No-load EMF: ≥ 12mV (650 ° C) Flame: three Internal resistance: 5 to 50 ± 3mΩ Certificate NULL & 5 patents

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Product Description

1. Oxygen depletion safety shut-off system

The system is made up of thermocouple, ignitor, the injector(burner) assembly and the nozzle assembly and so  on. It is designed to shut off the main burner of the gas appliance, when the oxygen content of the room in which the appliance installed is reduced below a predetermined level, so as to protect user’s health and safty.

2. Useful range of ODS

NG,LPG,Butane and propane

3.  Application of ODS

gas heater or others, can design according to customer's requirement .

4. Hypoxia performance of ODS :

shut-off point of CO2 : <0.3% (0.8% to 1.1%)

O2 fluctuation: <0.5% (eg: 19.2% to 19.7%)

CO fluctuation: <50ppm

5. Certificate

NULL & 5 patents

6. General Performance

No-load EMF: ≥ 12mV (650 ° C)

Internal resistance:  5 to 50 ± 3mΩ

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