New products

  • brass adapter air mixer with knob
    To match with thread 0.880-14 NGO-LH-EXT
    Air mixer can be included as per requirement
    Open and close knob
    air mixer adapter

  • 50 lbs Tank propane tank adapter EASY TO INSTALL Measures 5.12H X 4.33L X 1.57W - It can make you take your propane appliance anywhere without tugging along a big, and heavy tank. Adapts P.O.L. tank valves to fit Type 1 hoses and regulators Built in safety feature that will ensure you NEVER over-fill your smaller tank. This adapter will allow you to use a small 1 LB propane cylinder with your standard BBQ Grill. Especially great for, Tailgaters, Caterers, Campers, And anyone that cooks on the grill/has cookouts.

  • Brass valve for stove
    * CE/CSA certified
    * Small MOQ
    * On-time Delivery
    * Design suggestion support

  • Gas valve with piezo ignition
    * CE/CSA certified
    * Small MOQ
    * On-time Delivery
    * Design suggestion support

  • 3.0-3.2mm copper wire
    M8X1,M9X1,M10X1 nuts on the end
    Customized head
    High temperature resist Tip

  • 80cm or 150cm hose.
    Designed for Butane,Propane or any mix. Max rated capacity 1.5kg Gas/h.
    Butane:Inlet press:0.3-7.5bar-Outlet press:28-30mbar.
    Propane:Inlet press:1 to 16bar-Outlet press:37mbar.
    Propane:Inlet press:1 to 16bar-Outlet press:50mbar.

  • Intel Pressure:25-250PSI Outlet Pressure:0-20PSI Flow Capacity(MAX):150000 (BTU/hr) /3 (KG/hr) Connecting:(Inlet):1.312"-5 ACME Connecting:(Outlet): 5/8" -18 UNF Hose:PVC/NBR Hose Length: According to customer's require

  • AA battery igniter Output: Voltage:≥16KV Life Time:≥500,000 Times Temperature:-20°C-120°C Certification: CE,CSA

  • Piezo igniter Output Voltage:≥18KV Life time:30000 times Recommendable arcing distance: 3.5-4mm Recommendable lead length:30-800mm Pressure: 3.0±0.5kg Temperature-resistance: -15-120 degree Push-botton stroke: 12mm Certificate Approve: CE ,CSA Applicable gas families LPG/propane/butane

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