One Outlet Spark Igniter

One Outlet Spark Igniter

Model NO.:ESIG-089

Color:Gray ,Red ,black Style:Piezo

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Product Description

Product Name :One Outlet Spark Igniter

Technical Data


Temperature-resistance :-15-120 degree


Push-botton stroke :12mm


Certificate Approve :CE ,CSA


Applicable gas families :LPG/propane/tane


Accessory of igniter :According to the Demand


Applicable gas : LPG, NG

Use Range:Gas Stove, Gas Oven, Gas Heater, Gas fireplace, Gas BBQ Grill, Patio Heaters, etc

Function : Use the piezoelectric effect of the piezoelectric ceramic to generate high voltage ignition and ignite flammable gases.

Packing method: Plastic bag / Box / Carton / Palle

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